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BAAL | The Next Gen Payment Service

BAAL is a next generation payment service app with unique discount feature which allows crypto users to pay online or in person by phone. Pay by Baal and Save yourself from the hassle of going to exchanges and converting your crypto into fiat for mainstream payments.

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Pre-Sale Tokens (BAAL)

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Why Pay by Baal

In App converter which converts crypto into fiat currency and process the payment.

Unique discount feature which no payment service offers. Meaning doesn’t matter if you are paying your bills or shopping online, Whenever and wherever you use Baal you will get discount on your purchases.

Compatible with iOS apps, apple, chrome and even in person by phone.


BAAL token offers several ways to earn through the project. For details read our white papers but here’s a few guidelines for your road to financial independence


Buy and hold token to earn from transaction fees as 0.5% of every transaction will go to existing token holders.


If you are social media influencer, affiliate marketer or anyone wishing to earn tokens through referring others then Click here to get referral link (--) and earn 10% from the total sales generated by your referrals.

Author Contest

Write an article about us on different crypto websites and earn by winning author contest. There will be five winners every week. Winners will get 1K-10K BAAL tokens. Check out our white papers for more details.

App users

Pay by BAAL and get 5% discount. Yes! The 5% discount will be applied to anything you pay through BAAL. whether it’s online shopping, gaming, utility bills or in person by phone you will get 5% discount. For more details read our white papers.

Token Information


Token Details

Token Name: Baal.
Symbol: BAAL.
Type: Fungible.
Chain: Binance
Circulating Supply: 300 Mil.


For Team: 4 Years Locked.
For Pre-sale Investors: 25% tokens will be unlocked every week from the day of launch.

Pricing First Phase

Pre-Sale-Round 1: $ 0.80
Pre-Sale-Round 2: $ 0.92
Pre-Sale-Round 3: $ 1.10

Pricing Second Phase

Launchpad: $ 2.10


Q4 2022

✅ Business and Legal Consultations.
✅ Formulation of Business Plan.
✅ Website Launch.
✅ Marketing Partnerships.
✅ Pre-Sale Launch.

Q1 2023

✅ Meetings with technical team.
✅ BAAL App prototype development.
✅ Public Token Sale Launch.

Q2 2023

✅ BAAL App development.
✅ Seminars for App Awareness.
✅ Marketing and Advertising.

Q3 2023

✅ BAAL app launch.

Have any Question?


  • How did you come up with the idea of BAAL App?

    An idea comes to give a solution for a particular problem. The biggest problem we all are facing is the rising prices of everything. Hyperinflation has hit us bad and it’s getting worse day by day. Most of us are struggling to pay for our routine expenses. Observing the world through financial eyes we thought that it would be awesome if someone or something could give us all a little support in our financial situation. This thought transformed into an idea of having an app which gives discount on almost everything. An app which can help people through their financial struggle. A support which we all wish for. Later we started working on that idea and now here we are.

  • Can I make money with Baal?

    Yes! There are many ways you can make money with Baal. As an app user you can get discount on anything you pay through app. As an investor you can buy BAAL token and earn interest. As a crypto trader you can buy/sell tokens once it’s listed on crypto exchanges. You can earn token through referrals by our affiliate marketing program. You can earn by writing and publishing articles about us crypto sites.

  • Why Baal token price is likely to increase in future?

    Most attractive feature of Baal is that app users can get discounts on anything a person normally pay by traditional debit card for example utility bills, Car fuel, Online shopping, groceries, etc. This means Baal have a great potential of getting mass adoptability in future. The app uses BAAL tokens for payments due to which demand of BAAL token is likely to increase. However, BAAL is a deflationary token with limited max supply. All these factors combined leads to price appreciation of token.

  • Where to buy BAAL tokens?

    Visit our website https://www.baalcoin.org

  • How to earn though Referrals?

    1.Visit https://www.baalcoin.org and go to referrals section and click on “Get referral link”. 2.Submit your wallet address to receive payments and copy referral link. 3.Save referral link and share on your website/blog/videos etc. 4.Whenever someone will click the link and buy BAAL tokens you will get 10% tokens in your wallet.

  • How author contest work?

    To enter the contest, follow the following steps: -Write an article about us on any crypto related website. -Submit your article link and wallet address to receive payment if you win the contest via email at contest@baal.org.

  • On what basis a winner will be selected?

    Author contest winners will be selected on the following basis: 1.Originality of article. Plagiarized articles will be disqualified. Ranking of Publishing website.

  • How much can I earn through author contest?

    15 writers will be selected every week in which top five will earn 10K BAAL tokens per article. Rest of the winners will get 1k-8k BAAL token per article.

  • What will you do with the money raised in ico?

    Capital raised in ico will be used on app development, management, and marketing.

  • Who exactly is your ideal customer?

    Anyone who has a smartphone and looking to get discounts on day-to-day expenses is our ideal customer. That makes our target market pretty much the whole world.

  • How are you marketing your product?

    we are building community relationships via social media. As it is a starting phase, we are working in partnerships with only 800 social media influencers to create brand awareness. But our main massive marketing campaign will start during the final stages of Baal app development. For marketing and advertising, we have planned the budget of $12.5M which will include PR campaigns, Brand awareness seminars, Celebrities endorsements and mainstream ads. After the launch of Baal app there will be continuous marketing campaigns as well.

  • What do you expect from an investor besides money?

    We expect and encourage our investors not to just invest money but also become a part of this journey. It’s not just about the money, we are interested in your time, your feedback, your criticism, so we all can grow together as a community. We expect our investors to get involve physically by spreading the word about this revolutionary project.


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